AndAgain designs and creates inspiring, stand out fashion pieces from vintage, second hand and forgotten denim. Founded in 2016 by Morgan Young and Greg Harder, we seek to bridge the gap between sustainability and fashion.

The contemporary designs recycle denim to cut down on water consumption and new fabric sourcing waste to create a sustainable and eco-friendly garment that is truly special.

All of the designs are created by hand, right outside of Philadelphia.


The fashion industry is inherently unsustainable. Well intentioned, donated denim is likely to be sent to third world countries and hurt their economies while discarded denim piles up in landfills. AndAgain provides a designer solution that can only be called fashion with exclusive, unique designs that empower consumers with choice individualism.

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AndAgain designs are all created in house and constantly evolving. The designs go from sketchbook to the online store in about a month and utilize rescued dead stock fabrics and donated second hand and vintage denim.


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