AndAgain Denim

We create inspiring clothing that bridges the gap between fashion, art and sustainability.

Our designs stand out. They almost entirely cut down on water consumption and new fabric waste.

Everything is created by hand, in the USA.

AndAgain empowers consumers with choice individualism. We partner with the world's most amazing artists to create incredibly unique apparel. Embroidery, painting, pressed ink and illustration to name some.

Our designs are all created in house and constantly evolve. They go from sketchbook to the online store in about a month and utilize rescued dead stock fabrics and donated second hand and vintage denim. We love what we do and hope you'll find something here you can as well.


Located outside of Philadelphia, our core team consists of Morgan and Greg. We graduated from the University of Delaware in May of 2018 after starting AndAgain a year prior. The two of us obsess over offering the most unique denim that you can find and to do this in the most sustainable way possible. 

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  Beyond this, our team spreads far and wide, consisting of sewers Corey, Mary, Elizabeth and Alexandra, around the United States, putting their personal stamp of approval on every single piece created.

Utilizing our originally developed system of efficient on-demand production, we avoid the costly effects of inventory. Unlike some other names you might have seen recently, we don't burn our left overs, because we don't have any. Please see our FAQ page or reach out with any other questions you may have about our brand and how we operate. 


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