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Please read answers to our frequently asked questions below and reach out if you still need something clarified!


1. Tell me about your returns and exchanges.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, please don't be afraid to exchange it! We want AndAgain apparel to be something that you genuinely enjoy wearing, all the time. Please reach out within 30 days of your purchase for a free exchange or return. Items must be in their original, new condition and not part of a limited edition artist collaboration.


2. How is my item going to fit me?

The large majority of our designs are made with denim that consists of 100% cotton. This will feel a little bit stiff if you are used to stretchy denim that contains spandex, but we promise you'll love it and will never go back to anything else. 

We would suggest sizing either exactly how you do normally, or one size up for jeans if you are between sizes.


3. Vintage jeans aren't sized like normal, right?

All of our jeans have been sized to modern day standards. Please refer to our size chart for specific details! Check out number 2 (right above) for more fit details!


4. Where do you get all of this denim?

The denim that we use comes from all around the United States where we save some of the highest quality vintage denim from simply going to waste. Unwanted, donated jeans that cannot be sold on the retail floor of a second hand store are destined for landfills or exportation to third world countries around the globe. We are intercepting this global cycle to create beautiful apparel. Specifically, this denim comes from sources such as the Goodwill (Delaware Regional Distribution), Bulk Vintage clothing distributor (Philadelphia, PA) and others!


5. So who makes all of this stuff?

We do! All of our pieces are made by hand, by our small team of sewers all around the USA. Designs are sketched, tweaked, constructed and photographed by us. 


6. Where is it all made?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. St. Louis, Missouri. Hartford, Connecticut. Norfolk, Virginia.


7. How long does it take you to make stuff?

Jackets take us 5 hours to create by hand. Jeans take, on average 3.

The pieces we create have a lot of time dedicated to their perfection. Sourcing the highest quality vintage denim, cutting the pattern pieces, stitching, pressing and folding all go into each and every item.


8. How do I wash what I bought?

Always hand wash your denim in cold water. This will avoid damages from a machine washer, and also is the most sustainable. After this, hang dry in warm natural, light if possible to avoid creasing if folded.


8a. I purchased a limited edition garment with paint on it, how do I clean it?

If you desire to wash your garment, please mix cold water with detergent and spot clean, inside out with the artwork area covered. While the artwork has been set with heat, we recommend preventing the painted area of from becoming too wet. Please reach out depending on your situation and if you have any further questions.


9. What are some interesting facts within this industry that I should know?

The clothing industry can have quite a negative impact on the environment, the individuals that it employs, and human kind in general. 

Clothing production is the second most polluting industry in the world. On average, over 1.2 billion pairs of jeans are sold new, every single year throughout the world. Within that same time frame over 13 million tons of textile waste is created, in the United States alone.

Denim is one of the most water intensive apparel products that you can buy (that is if you purchase garments using new denim...). From the initial growing of the cotton, harvesting, dying, washing, and shipping, jeans require on average 1,300 gallons of water to create. Because of this, and all of what we already mentioned, we pride ourselves on our steps toward a more realistic, sustainable and smart fashion industry. 


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