Women's Denim Jackets

Luxury denim jackets, all made in the USA with 100% repurposed materials.

Free shipping, exchanges and returns within the USA. Guaranteed.


The Varsity

A jacket that brings you back to high school. Plus it’s gender neutral so wear it and share it with anyone and everyone. Available in blue or black!



The Bomber

Available in three color washes, this will come together to create the coolest denim bomber jacket you’ve ever owned. Available in blue patchwork, mid-wash blue, and black.



The Introverted

Sometimes the most beautiful parts of a jacket are on the inside, so we put them on the outside instead. A cropped and collarless jacket great for any day. Available in black or blue.



Why Us?

AndAgain designs and creates inspiring, stand out fashion pieces from vintage, second hand and forgotten materials. Founded in 2016 by Morgan Young and Greg Harder, we seek to bridge the gap between fashion, art and sustainability.

The contemporary designs almost entirely cut down on water consumption and new fabric sourcing waste to create sustainable and eco-friendly garments that are truly special.

All of the designs are created by hand, in the USA.

AndAgain empowers consumers with choice individualism. We partner with the world's most amazing artists to create one-of-a-kind, hand crafted keepsakes. Embroidery, painting, pressed ink to name some.

Our designs are all created in house and constantly evolve. They go from sketchbook to the online store in about a month and utilize rescued dead stock fabrics and donated second hand and vintage denim. We love what we do and hope you'll find something here you can as well.