Switching it up with The Ace

As Spring comes around the corner, we at AndAgain are fully prepared for the changing seasons. Along with our most recent artist collaboration in producing three unique, hand-painted jackets, we have also released several new products. Some of these include The Loanne jacket, a new bomber jacket, The Wave top and most notably The Ace skirt.

The Ace is an entirely new style that we recently introduced. This skirt is the perfect base to any outfit as winter comes to an end. Currently the style is produced in two different colors. It can be ordered in either black or classic denim with alternating color denim stripes along the hem.

In an effort to promote the release of this new product, we showcased some of our models wearing The Ace. What we noticed however, is that the skirt was being worn in a different way than we originally intended.  Several people who have modeled this skirt have worn it with the zipper in front, rather than in back.

The picture above was featured on our Instagram (@andagainco). This showcases two stunning models - @nycxclothes on Instagram, styled in their AndAgain apparel. The women shown, Shelcy and Christy show off their unique styles in a casual yet chic way. These photos particularly accentuate The Ace. It can be seen that the zipper is worn in the front here, creating a totally different look than if it were to be worn in the back.

For a classic and simple look, the zipper can be worn in the back. This, paired with a more elaborate detailed top creates an everyday look for a woman on the go. By contrast, when the zipper is worn in the front, it can be paired with a simple, fitted top and layered with a jacket for a statement look. This can easily be translated into different looks for day or night, depending on how the customer chooses to style it.

It is refreshing to see the personal touch that each customer puts into wearing this piece. The uniqueness of the piece itself can catch nearly anyone’s attention. With its one-of-a-kind quality that is specific to our brand, anyone wearing this skirt is likely to turn heads. We value the confidence that our pieces bring to our customers and encourage the individuality that they express in how they wear them.

In the fashion industry it is essential to recognize the changing trends and personal flairs that are constantly developing. We take pride in the versatility that this skirt has to offer and welcome the customers’ interpretation and styling of it. This incredibly versatile piece is a must-have for any fashion lovers’ spring collection.

Greg Harder