Recycled Denim Hits Home with JEANBAG

Through a passion for recycling and an eye for décor, KT Doyle created JEANBAG and altered concepts of recycled denim. Doyle created JEANBAG to bring denim to everyday use in the home. In understanding the major toll that pollution and overconsumption take on the environment, Doyle wanted to find a way to help out. To do this, Doyle believed in seeing waste products as resources.

The immense amount of cotton, water, labor and skill that goes into making a pair of denim jeans seems to go to waste if said product ends up thrown away. Thus, JEANBAG was created to prevent such an act.  The company’s use of individual pairs of jeans gives a unique edge to each piece that they create. From pillows to aprons and more, JEANBAG gives denim new level of sophistication through sustainability.

Doyle states, “Your jeans may have come to the end of their wearable life, but they still have miles left in them yet. Maybe not as jeans, but something else. And that’s why we’re here, to recycle your jeans and to create the ‘something else’.”

JEANBAG works with charity organizations such as The Endeavor Foundation and RSPCA to obtain materials for their products. All of the materials used are 100%. cotton, blue, and adult sized. These are only a few aspects that play into the process that JEANBAG follows. The process is composed of 20 detailed steps outlined on their website. JEANBAG also prides itself in donating 1% of their annual sales to local, non-profit Rainforest Rescue in aiding the reforesting of the Daintree National Park area in Australia.

Not only does JEANBAG aim to eliminate waste through their products, but also inspire others to take action as well. As a sustainable denim company, strides are taken towards creating a better tomorrow in saving the environment.

Greg Harder