Modern Vince - Taking Strides with Recycled Denim

Founded by Jordan Adoni, Modern Vice is known for their unique and bold styles in footwear. They focus on precision, quality and authenticity and ensure that all of their shoemakers are skilled and trained in order to make each product perfect. Their products are made from high quality leathers and imported hardware. Modern vice also guarantees that their products are genuine in design and craft. The boots are made in a New York City factory and the company ensures that there is no overstock waste because their products are made to order. Their brand is a local company that sells high quality products at affordable prices. They are incredibly open to visitors and those who want to experience their processes.

Modern Vice takes on Recycled Denim

In one of Modern Vice’s newest endeavors, they have created booties from recycled denim.
The “Recycled Denim Handler” is stylish, high fashion and environmentally conscious. The
customer sends in their own denim jackets and they are then hand-distressed to be turned into
one of a kind boots. The jackets can be mailed directly to Modern Vice or dropped off at their
showroom. For an added sense of flair, the customer can send in a flannel shirt to be used for
The boots can be given an edgier look with the trucker sole or the customer can go with the
classic sole for a versatile look. Overall, Modern Vice has been making great strides in the
fashion industry by creating footwear that is not wasteful. Their processes are environmentally
friendly and their styles serve the fashion industry with innovative, chic looks.

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Greg Harder