Just Eat It - How YOU can avoid food waste.

Think throughout the last day, two days, or week's time. Funnel all those great thoughts and memories to the foods you have eaten. Okay? Now switch your thinking to the food you haven't eaten. The fruit you left out too long, the bread that was too dry, and all of those left overs forgotten in the back of your refrigerator.

It is estimated that over 40% of the consumable food produced within the United States is ultimately thrown out. Consumerism and the process by which farms bring food to tables inherently lends itself to being a wasteful process. Multiple series of decisions based often times solely on visual quality, even more often times a false visual check, lead to food being thrown out.

Picking the crops, sorting the crops, processing prospective units to be bagged, actually bagging, and ultimately the consumers' purchases in the grocery stores. Each one of these extremely sensitive steps fall into an individual's discretion. Keep or discard?

All too often within the current system of processing and selling food products, the answer is discard. Think realistically about the decision you would make standing in front of the banana display. Too small? Too brown? Too green? Too many? Maybe even too yellow?! If for some reason the bunches of bananas being shown fall into any of these categories, the average grocery shopper will pass up buying those bunches. This is the type of thinking that leads to the unthinkable levels of food waste being produced domestically, and world wide. 

Just Eat It, a Grant Baldwin documentary produced in 2014, explains this incredibly detailed and complex issue. This is a film that is eyeopening, inspiring, and intriguing and absolutely worth the effort to watch. We speak from experience! Learn from this on how you can avoid food waste.

Small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle can be achieved throughout every single decision we make. From the food we eat, to the lightbulbs we purchase and especially with the clothing we purchase. 

Did you know that just like the food industry, the clothing industry is full of unsustainable practices? To give a quick overview of the scope of this problem here are some facts about denim:

- Just a single pair of 100% cotton jeans requires over 1000 gallons of water to produce. 

- Over 450 million pairs of jeans are sold annually, within the United States alone.

- There are over 13 million tons of textile waste thrown out world wide, every single year.

Here at AndAgain, we are trying to make a change. Every single one of our designer denim styles are made with 100% pre-existing materials, making them a very sustainable fashion. Style does not fall out of the equation either! Often times sustainable fashion is very simple, almost of a minimalist design, but not at AndAgain. 

Every single step of our business process has sustainability in mind. Our packaging to get the jeans in the mail is made from 100% post-consumer waste. Check out Eco Enclose for all of your sustainable packaging needs! Our business cards, hangtags and flyers also follow suit - check out Greener Printer for your print and promotional needs!

Pictured below: a dumpster outside of a grocery store that Baldwin encountered on their film making journey - Filled to its brim with UNEXPIRED hummus. All still perfectly good to eat. Absolutely incredible.

Greg Harder