Denim Styling - NYC Edition (ft. LA and Houston...)

Standing out. Some of us want to, some don't. Live in New York City and want to stand out? That's hard. We know, we know - you've tried the oversize plaid blazer look. The vintage fluorescent track suit look. Even those jeans-with-a-cut-right-below-the-ass-look. But do you want something even more unique? With some help from what's below, maybe you'll get more than just a glance of admiration...

Don't worry though, we are here to help.

Recently we have had the opportunity of working with some of the best denim stylists New York City has to offer.  From being located in Brooklyn, and even out to the suburbs (plus a quick visit out to LA!), these amazing influencers showed us all the versatile ways to rock AndAgain and how they manage to stand out in their neighborhood. 

Strap in and get ready for your new look.

Tamia showed us how she styled our most beloved jean style, Progression.  Ever try triple denim? We would recommend. And when it comes to shoes, the higher the better and why not try the rainbow. 

If you're into something more minimal, Vanessa has the answer.  The Ace in blue is a summer go to and was paired with white sneakers, a white tank and best of all, a white dog. Best part is, all neutrals go with denim.

As many people know, NYC loves to dress in black, in fact our black denim bomber was the best seller during our NYC pop up last December. Ciara styled this look with white culottes, a black tank and Nikes.  It's minimalism meets hype-bae and a look that can transition seasons like (snap) that.  

If triple denim was to much for you, double denim is a must try.  Abby styled our Wave top and paired it with the perfect high waisted short (matching blues of course). Her vintage meets contemporary vibes (ie, shoes and glasses) add so much personality to this look.

Now we have Gwen Grace.  She styled the Ace in black all around NYC and showed us how this sporty skirt could get even more sporty. Styled with black sneakers and an asymmetrical top (she actually up cycled from Urban). We call this look "I'm going to the gym later but I still look bomb."

Kelsey is sometimes in New York, but these specific photos are from LA (we'll let it slide for this blog).  She styled the black and white Loanne with a black and white houndstooth set. It's almost like mixing prints but more chic with two classic colors. Paired with pink lenses and a head tie, this look is really LA meet NYC.

Jeannie is a babe against bullshit, and we love it. Usually in NYC but now in Houston, TX she took the Loanne and turned back the clocks. Vinyls with Ray Charles on them, denim on denim and vintage action figures on the wall, this shoot was killer. 

Greg Harder