Vintage Levis, and our big question - What's all this obsession with 501s?

When talking about vintage Levi's jeans we’re sure you’ve heard a lot of numbers in the 500s being thrown around.  For us, 550s and 501s are the most important kind of Levi’s, but in the battle between which is better, we’re here to take the side of 550s.

To make a very long story short, in the 1890s Levi Strauss & Co began to manufacture jeans, calling their original style the 501. Made for working men with the toughest material on the market, these jeans have had a long history and have become one of the most desired styles of vintage jeans around.

If you shop vintage jeans often, we’re sure you know the struggle of finding your size. Do you wear two sizes above the vintage tag? Maybe three? It’s definitely difficult and if you have an athletic build (thiccc thighs and a small waist) the struggle becomes even worse. I have a pair of 501s that may look great but they are so tight, the side seams pull around my thighs and sometimes I MUST unbutton them when I sit down. Plus, the back pockets are raised so high on the back, the under-butt area makes your butt look big (depending on your vibe this might be a pro or a con).

There are tons of different Levi’s styles on the market. So we know it can get a bit confusing when you’re trying to figure out what would be best. When Greg and I first started this brand we stumbled across the number 550. The perfect relaxed fit that is flattering yet comfortable enough to wear all day working and keep them on for a night out.

We couldn’t tell you why this amazing style is so underrepresented in the vintage market, but we’re here to tell you they are the best kind of vintage Levi’s. By using this style in all of our designs we’re able to create something really special, and here’ why we think so.

-These jeans are gender neutral, so anything we create can be worn by anyone

-Our sizing ranges from a 23 to a 40

-People can be 2 sizes in our jeans. For example, I wear a size 27 in Progression (mostly because I like them loose) but in Nolita, our newest jean, I’ll wear them in a 26 for a slimmer fit.

It is this type of adaptability that has us convinced that 550s are the winner in the race for the best vintage Levi’s. As an extra bonus, we have now added these classic jeans to our site in white, black and blue! We’ve been digging around other vintage shops and can never find these exact jeans, so we added them here. Because we get it, sometimes a statement jean is just not the mood.

Lastly, the Levi’s patch. Ever notice what is actually on it? The classic tan patch with red lettering and imagery features a pair of horses, tugging as hard as they can on a pair of jeans. This was dubbed the “stress test” and proved to the denim heads of the 1800s that Levi’s truly made some of the strongest work wear jeans that money could buy. Levi’s clearly had some marketing gurus on their team even back then.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.19.00 AM.png

For your viewing pleasure, we decided to go a little crazy in the edits of the vintage jeans, because when we aren't creating the clothing, our creativity will find a way out one way or another.

Greg Harder