AndAgain Cofounder From 2002 to today.

Hello! My name is Greg and I am the co founder of AndAgain. I am 22 years old and grew up in a small town in Connecticut. Myself and Morgan just graduated from the University of Delaware and here is a little bit about myself.

AndAgain Denim Company Co-Founder

When I was about six or seven years old I began my first business. Utilizing Alibaba (something that not many adults even knew existed at this point being the early 2000s) I made my first contact with Khan. He was an entrepreneur himself, selling agate arrowheads from India by the thousands to individuals like myself who would then repackage them in smaller quantities, distribute them to other individuals and have some room for profit along the way. A handful of months went by and my arrowhead business sure had taken off. Buying them for an average of $0.08, with my most profitable quantity of 14 selling for $0.85, I had found quite a high margin industry!. All of this held true until Khan lost the shipping connection he apparently had and my costs increased nearly 10x simply due to higher freight charges. Business one had been turned upside down by the click of an email. It was on to business two.

YouFitness was absolutely, without a doubt going to be the future of yoga. I was 19 years old, had just learned what Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) was, and knew it would be big and that there was room for me to be a part. Without ever doing a yoga class I chose yoga mats, and within two weeks a logo embossed sample of three separate products were in my living room, with plans for 200 more of each in the near future. It was a no brainer! Utilize Amazon’s logistical powerhouse that would take care of my storage and fulfillment, ship yoga mats to ten different fitness influencers and spend some money on Facebook to direct people to my product landing page. Well, little did I realize 200 yoga mats fell into the “oversize” category and I would surely lose money for every unit sold after all fees considered, unless prices were nearly double that of any other mat that has ever existed....needless to say, YouFitness did not take off.

Fast forward to junior year at the University of Delaware, and my fashion and marketing interests found their peak through the inception of AndAgain. Since that point we have spread our brand across the  world and pride ourselves in supporting artists and creatives by bringing their voice to market by means of our own apparel. Read more about how we do this our Artist Collaboration Page.

Founding, growing and evolving with this brand has told me something that I already thought I knew. I love entrepreneurship. Myself and Morgan are here to convince others that what we are doing is extremely valuable and important. There is not a single thing that makes me happier than the struggle, journey, and uncertainty of what our small team is attempting to do with this brand. Believe it or not, it is almost as if the journey to what we have set as our (ridiculously, unfathomably high) goals is what drives us, even more so than the goal itself.

We have some HUGE projects coming up and could not be happier with how things have progressed as we transition out of our apartments in Newark, Delaware and into the real wide world of this industry. So what exactly is this real world that I find myself in right now? Day to day, my work and Morgan's work overlap a lot. We are a two person team with many more tasks than could be handled if we simply divided up the work and said go. One of the areas that we both have a large amount of input on is the creative side of AndAgain, the voice that the brand takes as well as fine details such as specific product shots for our website. The large majority of the photographs are taken by myself, in our own studio. Behind the scenes, we both work on ideas for social media ads, partners to collaborate with and how to best keep ourself on your mind when day dreaming about denim becomes a reality. That's just us? Okay, never mind then.

On top of all this, we have hand created all of the garments (up until this point as we are quickly expanding our network of sewers!). I cut all of the patterns, Morgan assembles them, inside branding is put in, and tags on the outside are tied. Bagged, packaged, hand signed appreciaton letter included and voilá, another piece on its way to you.


I am so glad that my six or seven year old self decided to scour Alibaba for the cheapest stone arrowhead option, something that instilled this trait of being an entrepreneur in me. I am also glad to have been in the right place at the right time to meet the other founder of AndAgain, be introduced to the Horn Program at the University of Delaware, and all of the amazing individuals that have helped develop myself as an entrepreneur and our brand to what it is now. Within the near future I hope to grow even further than I have in the past two years with AndAgain, and build something along with me.

I would love to hear your personal story as an individual, entrepreneur or member of the creative community so, ask away. 

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Greg Harder