AndAgain x what???

Skirt, jacket and the set available now.

Partner with a chemical cleaner company for our very first release of something that is not denim? To be honest not something that we thought we would be doing. And to be even more honest, it's not really a partnership. Actually it is very much NOT a partnership. 

On Monday July 9th we were sourcing denim when we came across literally boxes full of unused corporate bought polos that someone donated. All pristine, white, poly-cotton blend that were destined for the trash. It was unthinkable to let this gold go to waste. So we didn't.

We bought them all. What is even better for us is the fact that most of these shirts are 4XL! These overproduced 4XLs contained over 7 square feet of perfectly useable fabric each. It felt like cutting straight off the roll (not that we would know exactly what this is like as we never do this to begin with).

With all of this perfect fabric ready for its new life, we went to Instagram. Asked for some advice, took some polls, thought it over and went full speed into designing a cropped jacket to be paired with a pleated mini skirt. 

Development of these two designs went rather quickly as we were extremely excited. We wanted the jacket and skirt to be very wearable, so you could feel comfortable with it on during the day, in a casual setting, at night, in front of your family, with co-workers, basically anywhere. Paired together, the two pieces will have people rethinking their decision to not call you Serena or Venus...

But it is up to you! We would suggest rockin both together, any chance you get. Now that both designs are completed, photographed, and soon will be available online, it has us thinking how amazing the process has been since we found those shirts. Had we not decided to source our denim that day, it is highly likely they would have been thrown out. All due to a simple decision, years ago to purchase way too many company shirts. Little decisions like this, with absolutely no connection to the actual process or repercussions of what is being decided, happen all the time and luckily we were able to save something from it all. 

Now, onto the photo shoot. The location was of course, a tennis court. Models Jess and our very own Morgan fit the role perfectly, modeling to this editorial style that we wanted. Photographer for this shoot, Juliane, choreographed what became one of the most favorite shoots we have had! Much more written explanation of a photoshoot is never necessary so we'll save it. Enjoy...

See all of the amazing photos right here

Greg Harder