AndAgain x Ketnipz on Broadway

In late February of this year, we received a DM to our Instagram account letting us know that Harry Hambley wanted to work with us on some collaborative apparel. If you've ever used the Instagram sticker of the red heart with a little pink creature waving, you've used Harry's art. But for those of you who haven't seen it, Harry is the founder and illustrator of the iconic pink bean, Ketnipz. Four months later, we just hosted our largest in-person pop up shop in the history of our brand.


Located at 393NYC on Broadway in lower Manhattan, this pop up shop was a collaborative effort to release wearable art. Three jacket designs and three jean designs were available for guests to try on, size, purchase and of course, celebrate National Donut Day.

After one longgg Thursday, visiting TWO separate Ikeas (in two separate states), a back alley wholesale food distributor (don't worry, it was not for the donuts...) and two parking tickets, we were ready. Friday night began a little after 5pm, with guests lining up around the corner of Walker and Broadway. Enticing them even further was founder Morgan's 2001 VW Bug, wrapped in vinyl with the Ketnipz bean peaking from behind a denim pocket. *Shout out to Carvertise for the sick wrap*

The collection of designs that were available for purchase all embody the ideals of both AndAgain and Ketnipz: Loving yourself, artisan creativity, and sustainability. Good vibes were had by many, so thank you to everyone who came to get a glimpse at the apparel, art and play around in 8 donut floaties.


Harry recently spoke about his development of the idea and character stating “For the idea behind the Bean, I just wanted to make a character with a friendly face that could relate to everyone’s small, day-to-day hardships.” He also added, “While the look and motive of the Bean character has already been established, I still feel like I have a lot to build around it creatively. I’m now venturing into creating bigger work through different mediums, like paintings and murals – and putting more emphasis on the character itself.”

Emphasis on the character itself is exactly what we did. For example, one of the more popular pieces shown at this pop up shop were our pink, gender neutral, "Bean Jeans" featuring the Bean's face on a vintage pair of Levi's, dyed pink.

Just as popular, the "Cloud Jeans" featured a floating Bean on a large cloud.


Our pop up shop to release this collaboration was an incredible success, bringing AndAgain together with some of the most amazing individuals from the artist, fashion and creative community. We are excited about the future of our artisan collaborations. First on the list though: the online release for the AndAgain x Ketnipz collaboration, coming soon...

Sign up on our home page for early access to the limited merchandise that will be released!

We would also like to give a special thank you to all of the individuals that helped make this event possible.

Photos: Xander - & Matt: 

Video: Matt -

Art Logistics: Marcel -

Media: Enriqueta Arias - & Savvy Sisters Media -

Greg Harder