Introducing: Progression - Black denim

We have an obsession. It's the color black. 

Making our way around Philadelphia on a warm winded Sunday, we gathered inspiration from anything and everything we could. The grain of wood chairs in La Colombe, No Parking signs on the block corner, even vertical lights right above that very chair. All gave off the same thing, they would all be better black. 

Black and white that is. 

Another piece that would be pretty great in black? Progression. After months of seeing our original Progression find themselves out and about, it was time they met the distant cousin they always knew they had. 

Styling Black Denim Blog

We wanted to create a jean that could add style during the day and transition excellently into the night. And what would make you feel more like a bad ass then a pair of black jeans that turns everyone's head.

Any top you wear is perfect for an effortless combination because black is the new black.

Greg Harder