Sustainability takes no breaks with United by Blue

In an industry that inevitably creates waste, it is important to take steps to prevent harm to our precious planet. Many brands in the fashion industry want to reduce waste by being sustainable, zero waste, or by offering a way to give back to the environment. This is a wonderful trend and for United by Blue, a major component of what their company stands for. As they say, they are “cleaning their way across the USA” (in trash and customers as well*).

UBB offers a form of sustainability that is somewhat different from your typical clothing company, hosting “cleanups” in order to preserve the planet. For each one of their products sold, the brand pledges to remove one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. In their most recent tally, they have removed about 1,076,722 pounds of trash! The best part is, they encourage and attract their very own customers to join in this effort. On their website, there is a link to join for the next, local cleanup. There, they also provide information about “The Bluemovement Road Trip” that the company is embarking on.

This road trip is taking the brand and their following through 21 states in order to make their mark cleaning up some trash. United by Blue is also very clear about their purpose: There is an immense amount of plastic that enters the world’s oceans each year, accumulating and creating massive islands of garbage that are damaging to the planet, animals and the water that we all need. One of the most well considered aspects of this mission is that United By Blue takes recommendations from customers around the country where the company should go next, promoting the clean ups where they are actually needed most! 

As a sustainably focused brand, their products specifically are environmentally conscious as well. They use materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and wool, justifying why each material is used as well as how it is acquired. 

Their wide range of products and humbling mission statement makes United by Blue a very appealing brand with room to grow and see even more success in the coming years.

Once a year, United by Blue hosts a sample sale at their warehouse, something that is a big deal to their loyal following in the Philadelphia area. This year they hosted an Instagram giveaway, offering two individuals the prize of $150 to shop as they please, and 30 minutes of time before anyone else could rush in. AndAgain’s founders, Greg and Morgan, were lucky enough to win this giveaway and had the amazing opportunity to shop the largely discounted, sustainably focused apparel. Meeting the team and learning more about United by Blue’s mission was a great opportunity for us and we are so fortunate to have won the contest!

With that said, we have one lesson we learned as a result of the sample sale fun! While the products from the company are sold as samples, don’t forget that different rules and regulations follow this form of selling. For example, within the United States all apparel sold by companies such as this must have a wash instructions tag. You will typically see these say “Machine wash, tumble dry only” or something of this sort.

We learned our lesson when it comes to sample sales and that these types of items do not have to follow the typical regulations for wash and care labels. After one load of laundry (that unfortunately turned a very different color than it began as), we now know to hand wash our sample sale finds before machine washing. Keep that in mind next time you’re digging through the boxes at your favorite brand’s warehouse.

In the meantime, check out the United by Blue website to learn more about their mission, their apparel and the next clean up near you! Also, visit their unique retail/cafe mix on Race Street in Philadelphia. The entire thing was created as ethically and sustainably as possible! 

All images courtesy of United By Blue

Greg Harder