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This is a collective of artists

All partnering with AndAgain to bring forth unique, limited edition apparel and accessories.



WHY ARtists

By working with artists, small brands and creatives, AndAgain has the ability to serve as a platform to showcase talent while making a positive change.  

Each partnership will have its own aesthetic, established on our apparel as the canvas for the artist.




welcome to Deidre X AndAgain


Hello, Deidre

I currently reside in a small town in the Texas panhandle called Canyon, although it has always been my ambition to move somewhere with a culture devoted to fashion and art.

Growing up in this small town meant that my style was always quite different than those around me. Because of the lack of fashion and art where I am, my passion has had to grow and thrive all the more.

In high school I discovered my love for art and fashion, and have been pursuing projects where I am able to express that passion. As of right now, I am a full time college student and wedding photographer. Along with photography, I manage a freelance marketing brand where I create marketing content and make websites for clients. I am inspired and driven by all things creative, and I love to inspire others though social media with my art and photography.


welcome to TESORO x ANDAGAIN


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.21.16 PM.png

Empower women, minimize our carbon footprint, raise awareness on the leather industry's damaging effects and conquer the world. 

From design to finished product, every step of Tesoro's manufacturing process is completed in America. Customers can even see Brit cutting and sewing several of Tesoro's bag styles in the company's West Chester flagship. 


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